A more sustainable world, a fairer future

Becoming a GreenVestor means having the opportunity to make a difference in overcoming the climate challenge and supporting the energy transition, while doing good for your present and future.

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Why we do it

Climate Change exists
It depends on our choices
It is a verified phenomenon
Consequences are serious
We can fix it

We are potentially facing the sixth mass extinction, we know it and we are causing it with our activity.

What is climate change?

According to the United Nations, climate change means any alteration in the global atmosphere that is directly or indirectly attributable to human action.

How is the atmosphere altered? From the presence of greenhouse gases which, once in the atmosphere, retain part of the infrared radiation from the sun, which would otherwise be reflected and sent back into space. The higher the concentration of these gases, the more heat is retained, thus causing global warming and numerous chain effects, risky for the entire earth’s ecosystem and therefore for people.

What are the main causes?

The most polluting sectors are: the energy sector (fossil fuels), heating, cooling of buildings, means of transport, industrial production and agriculture.

How did we decide to act?

The reduction of emissions is the main objective, which is why we have chosen to help companies, citizens and institutions to facilitate these transition processes.

Finance is a key player in this process. For this reason we have chosen alternative finance as an instrument because we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this revolution and because reducing investments in oil and the big fossil fuel players today becomes a great priority in order not to overcome the global warming of +2°C of temperature.

How we choose projects

Join our community on Telegram, you can get all the support and clarifications from the people who invested before you and from our founders.

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Security and transparency

We are the only ones to provide the investor with all the tools necessary for an informed choice and a safe experience:


You have at your disposal a single and simplified indicator that helps you understand the value of the project.

Full Documentation

You can understand in detail by reading all the documents made available on the company and on the project.

Always there

You can count on us at any time by writing or calling us

Interactive Dashboard

You can check your investments (repayment, project updates, etc.), environmental impacts and active promotions.

Secure transactions

We are authorized to operate as Agent of the Lemonway Payment Institute, in accordance with the provisions in Resolution no. 586/2016 of the Bank of Italy.

Signing up is simple, you just need a few minutes and your identity card to sign up and open the wallet!

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Watch your savings grow

With us you have the possibility not only to choose how your savings will be invested, but also to use them for the realization of the energy transition and of course to earn with them. That’s how:

Yield from 5% to 7%

Zero management costs

Diversification of your portfolio

Minimum investment 100 euros

Higher returns with our Promos

* Up to now, all installments have been repaid in a timely manner but remember that an investment always involves risk.

Simulate your investments and find out how much you can earn

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We chose to be Green

Today sustainability should be taken for granted but in reality it is still a choice. A daily choice that should include everything we do. A choice that we have made because it is important.
Each project brings environmental benefits:

  • Amount of energy saved
  • Amount of CO2 avoided
  • What it corresponds to in terms of trees planted and cars not used

Energy Forest

We want to multiply the environmental benefits linked to your choices and for this reason, together with Tree-Nation, for every investment over 500 euros, we finance the planting of trees in different areas of the world.

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Our servers are green

The server of our platform is Equinix which operates with high energy efficiency data centers and with 100% renewable energy targets.

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